(English) Update: Volunteer Hours for T-Shirts/After Party

There is important info regarding volunteer shirts and tracking hours!

  1. You need to volunteer for 20+ hours to receive a volunteer t-shirt, and these hours must be recorded in our system. You can read about the tracking system here: https://sites.google.com/view/uniconvolunteering/volunteering-rewards
  2. You can check your total hours here: https://sites.google.com/view/uniconvolunteering/track-your-hours
  3. You can collect your t-shirt at the blue staff trailer
  4. If you did not receive a volunteer card when you volunteered, you must contact the event director or a responsible staff member to get one.
  5. We are super happy you have helped and we love you, but you are responsible to get your cards and track your own hours. We have too many helpers to be able to keep all of your hours straight.
  6. If you volunteer 24+ hours, you get to join the staff/volunteer after-party, which will be held in the white tent after the Unicon19 final party. 🙂