(English) Update: Cross Country and Uphill Schedule Change

Schedule Change & Important Information


Cross Country and Uphill competitions have been shifted!

XC will be in the morning since it is less hot, and UH will be in the afternoon.
Heats are being worked on; check here later for heat information.

06:45 Shuttle busses leave from Wa Stadium
08:00-08:45 XC Elite check-in & riders briefing
09:00-11:30 XC Elite competition
10:45-11:15 XC Beginner check-in & riders briefing
11:30-13:15 XC Beginner competition
14:00 Bus back to Wa Stadium from the XC start
14:00-14:30 UH riders briefing
14:30-17:00 UH competition
17:45 Last bus back to Wa Stadium from the XC start

The awards will be on Tuesday 7 August at 15:00 in the social area.


To get on the shuttle busses leaving at 6:45 from Wa Stadium to the competitions, you must show your bus ticket or be ready to buy a new one. Non-registered people must also buy a Spectator Pass.

Make sure to bring lots of water (at least 2L) and food for recovery. Bring your own lunch. At the XC start, there is the Surisan Provincial Park Visitor Center with toilets and a water fountain. Tap water is drinkable. Additionally, we will have two emergency water stations along the XC course.

You must bring two starting numbers and wear them on your chest and back. Additionally, you need to wear helmet, knee pads, gloves, and shoes.

XC Elite will be 3 laps, but competitors are allowed to finish after 2 laps without getting disqualified. Those who only completed 2 laps will be ranked behind everyone that completed 3 laps. Timing will be done by chip for XC and by stopwatch for UH.

There will be cut-off times for both XC and UH:

XC Elite: Must start third lap by 90 minutes after the start
Uphill: 30 minutes of total time before DQ

Thanks for your attention,

Ben Soja