29.JUL.∼10.AUG. 2018 ANSAN KOREA

Main Stadium

We would like to warmly invite all unicyclists to attend UNICON 19 in Ansan, South Korea, in 2018.
Ever since the first UNICON was held in New York in 1984, UNICON has been a festival for unicyclists, bringing together riders in every discipline from around the world. It is the world convention, as well as the world championship event for the International Unicycling Federation.
Next year, UNICON returns to the Asia-Pacific region, to South Korea’s Ansan city. We are excited and looking forward to hosting you in our beautiful city.

We would like to introduce the UNICON 19 organising team:
Main Director: Jason Ahn
Financial Manager: Kysook Kim
Facilities (venue and accommodation) Manager: Kyungsoo Kim
Competition Manager: Jaein Kim
They will be supported by the IUF UNICON directors:
Ken Looi (NZ)
Jenni Rinker (USA)

Website : http://www.unicon19.kr
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Unicon19/
Correspondence should be sent to : unicon19.info@gmail.com

Thank you
UNICON 19 Organising Committee