2nd Update: Muni Downhill


Make sure to bring lots of water (at least 2L) and food for recovery. There is no water available within 2 km of the Advanced or Elite DH! If you run out of water, there is a water fountain quite close to the entrance of Suam-dong. Bathrooms are near the main parking lot.

To get on the shuttle busses leaving at 6:20 from Wa Stadium to the DH competition, you must show your bus ticket or be ready to buy a new one. Non-registered people must also buy a Spectator Pass.


The schedule has slightly changed, since we have decided to have two (2) runs for the Elite DH. The best run counts. If you feel fine with your first run, you can of course skip the second one.

6:20 Shuttle busses leave from Wa Stadium
7:00 Riders arrive at the bottom of the track
7:00-7:30 Check-in/registration of all riders at the Suam-dong entrance
7:30-8:30 Practice (1 run per rider)
8:30 Advanced go up to the start
9:00-10:30 Advanced DH
10:30 Beginner riders go up to the start
11:00-12:30 Beginner DH
12:30 Elite go up to the start
13:00-13:45 Elite DH Run 1
13:45 Elite go up to the start
14:15-15:00 Elite DH Run 2
Starting from 15:00 Riders are taken back to An-san

The muni DH awards will be on Friday at 20:30 in the social area.


Please familiarize yourself with the DH rules as given in https://unicycling.org/files/iuf-rulebook-2017.pdf (Section 5B). Here is a short summary including a definition of the penalties inflicted. You need to wear shoes, knee pads, gloves, and helmet in order to compete. Running and fast walking are not allowed, except momentarily to slow down after an unplanned dismount. After a dismount, riders have to come to a complete halt before mounting the unicycle again. Course marshals will stop you for 5 seconds if you run, fast walk, or do not stop after a dismount. If you need to pass a rider, avoid physical contact as much as possible. Otherwise, you may get a time penalty of 10 seconds or disqualification. False starts (starting before the signal) will be punished by a 10 seconds penalty or disqualification. If you walk across the finish line instead of riding, you will get a 10 seconds penalty.


In case you have not ridden the tracks yet, here are some statistics that might be helpful. The tracks have been rated by me using the Muni Difficulty Scale, as described in this IUF document: https://unicycling.org/files/iuf-muni-difficulty-scale.pdf

Length / Elevation loss / Average slope / Max difficulty (M0-M5) / Average difficulty / Score (out of 40)
DH Beginner: 560 m / 100 m / 18% / M2 / M1 / 10
DH Advanced: 440 m / 70 m / 16% / M2.5 / M1.5 / 13
DH Elite: 650 m / 150 m / 23% / M3.5 / M2 / 25
Have fun and please don’t hurt yourself!