Update: 100km race

Dear 100km race competitors

It is two days until race day. If you have not finalised your teams, I need to know by tomorrow 1200hrs at the latest.

0600 Meet at Wa stadium for bus to 100km start
0630 Bus leaves to 100km
0715- 0745 Registration
Race start of 100km Marathon:
0800 Wave 1: Unlimited teams, standard teams, standard solo start
0802 Wave 2: Unlimited Solo
0804 Wave 3: Unlimited Solo
0806 Wave 4: Unlimited Solo
1300 Cut off time. If you are not on your final lap, you cannot start another lap. Your time will still count for a placing.
1430- Bus back to Wa stadium


The course has changed slightly from the programme book. The long leg has been reduced because part of the road has been closed by the military. I have attached a map of the new route. The start is at the restaurant between the two long straight segments.

From the start/finish area you head northwest for approximately 500m, then take a sharp right onto the Sihwa seawall. You will be on a service road, which continues for 9km before a U-turn, heading back along the same road to the start/finish area. From there proceed to the second segment of the course, heading south-east for 3km. At the end, you will get to a split in the road. The turning area is on the road to the left. Come back along the same route to the start/finish area. This is the completion of one 25km lap.

If you are riding as a team, you must complete the full 25km lap before handing over to your team-mate. If you are a team of 2 or 3 riders, you can do laps in any order you choose. The baton is a handkerchief which must be handed over to your team-mate.

The roads are closed to public vehicle traffic except for the short 500m segment at the start before you turn onto the seawall. We may have support vehicles on the course, so please take care at all times.


If someone is injured, please stop and assist. Send another rider to the next group of marshals and inform them of the nature of the injury.


The course relies on stopwatch timing. There is no timing chip. You MUST have visible numbers on front and back to allow us to record completion of each lap.


The start/finish area will have one chute for solo riders, and another chute for team riders in transition.

Water and food

All riders, and particularly solo riders, should have a camelbak or drink bottles with 2L of water. We will provide water at the start/finish area and turns, but you must not be reliant on this. Please ensure you have adequate food to last the distance also.

The restaurant and shop at the start finish area sells food and ice-cream/refreshments, so bring money if you intend to stop during your race!

Good luck!

Ken Looi

Road Race Director