Unicon19 Newsletter 8: Last-minute important information


When you arrive at Unicon, head to the registration area (1400-2000 29 July and 0900-1600 30 July) to sign in and pick up your registration pack. Please bring passport ID.

The registration area is under the Unicon tent. If you walk around the Wa stadium until you see the big red sculpture, you will find the Unicon tent just behind this.

For those who arrive after the registration period (29-30 July), you can register at the ”information point” 0900-1900, which will be under the Unicon tent.

Schedule of events

This website provides a schedule which is updated daily. Click on your event to get the most detailed timetable and information, including bus times and meeting points.

Competition lists

The competition list is updated daily. You will be able to see age groups and competitors. Just log in to your registration to view:

Spectator Day Passes

If you are not a registered competitor or non-competitor, you will need a spectator day pass for any event held at Wadong or University Gym, or use of buses to get to an event (eg MUni and 100km). The day pass is 10,000KRW or US$10. Please bring the exact amount, no change will be given. Day passes can be purchased at registration (29-30 July), or the ‘information point’ from 31 July.

Spectator passes do not entitle the user to participate in Unicon events, eg, competition, workshops, social rides or the final party. For participation in non-competition events, you require a non-competitor registration.

You can register as a non-competitor on-site at Unicon.

Wheel checks for standard class

There will be wheel and crank checks for the track and road racing events.

Please make sure your wheel size for the standard classes are correct before the race:
20” class: max wheel diameter 518mm; min crank length 100mm
24” class: max wheel diameter 618mm; min crank length 125mm
29” standard: max wheel diameter 778mm; no minimum crank length

IUF Rulebook

Please familiarise yourself with the competition rules prior to your event.

It will be a great help to our very busy volunteers and directors:


Water fountain/taps are available just outside Wa stadium next to the practice track. If you are racing in longer events (for instance, cross country or marathon), please ensure you carry sufficient water with you (camelbak). It is currently very hot in Korea.

See you all soon

Unicon 19 Organising Team