Unicon 19 Newsletter 5: MUni Downhill and Volunteering

Hello fellow unicyclists,

We are pleased to send you our fifth newsletter for Unicon 19 in Ansan, South Korea.

The most important news is that Unicon 19 Registration closes Saturday June 30, 2018. Get your friends and family registered and paid here.

This newsletter also includes information about Muni Downhill and Volunteering.

1. Muni Downhill will be held at Mt. Suam.

The three course lengths are:

Beginner : 570m

Advanced: 1.1km

Elite: 750m

The Downhill Schedule on 2 August is:

6:20 Bus at Wa stadium to Mt. Suam

7:00 Riders arrive at the bottom of the track

7:00-7:30 Check-in/registration of riders

7:30-8:30 Practice (1 run per rider)

8:30 Advanced go up to the start

9:00-10:30 Advanced DH

10:30 Beginner riders go up to the start

11:00-12:30 Beginner DH

12:30 Elite go up to the start

13:00-14:30 Elite DH

14:45 Award ceremony for the overall winners (no age groups)

15:00 Riders are taken back to An-san

We also have videos of Downhill Advanced, Beginner, and second part of the Elite DH and the First part of the Elite DH.

A picture of the Downhill Course and route from the finish to bus stop.

This is a elevation map of Muni Downhill.

2. Volunteering

We are calling for volunteers for:

  • Beer pong

  • Slackline

  • Short talk/Q&A on uni touring/travelling

  • Non-uni related workshops/fun activities (example: origami, videography, drone-flying, board games, Nintendo Switch party)

If you are interested in volunteering, please email our Volunteer Director JiaHui Cai (thecollectiveus@gmail.com).


The Unicon 19 Organization