Unicon 19 Newsletter 6: Video Competition and MUni events

UNICON 19: Newsletter #6

Hello fellow unicyclists,
 We are pleased to send you our sixth newsletter for Unicon 19 in Ansan, South Korea.  This newsletter includes information about:

  1. Video Competition

  2. MUni Events

    1. Uphill (UH)

    2. Cross Country (XC)

    3. Cyclocross (CX)


1. Video Competition

Do you have great footage to share from your last ride? Or maybe a compilation of your unicycling journey? We’re announcing a video competition celebrating all things unicycling. Bring along your footage to Unicon in a USB drive or have it accessible somewhere online. We’ll finalize details on submission soon on Facebook and email so keep an eye out!

2. MUni Events

For XC riders, please email our MUni Director Ben Soja (b.soja@gmx.at) if you plan on riding
  • Standard (29″ or smaller) or
  • Unlimited (geared/36″)
If you would like to volunteer for MUni XC, please email the organizers.
Uphill (UH) and Cross Country (XC)  at Mt. Suri
UH & XC Schedule on 6 August

9:00 Riders arrive at the bottom of the track
9:00-9:30 Check-in/registration of riders (UH & XC)
9:45-12:00 Uphill competition
After competing in UH, riders move to start of XC
13:00-13:15 Check-in/registration of remaining riders (XC)
13:30-14:45 Beginner XC
15:15-17:30 Elite XC (both Standard & Unlimited)
17:45 Award ceremony for the overall winners (UH & Elite XC, no age groups)
18:00 Riders are taken back to An-san (by Bus)


2a.  Uphill is 660m long. 


See the trail map and elevation map below. We also have a video.

2b. Cross Country (XC) starts and finishes at the same location.

Beginners will ride 1 lap (5.2km), while Elites will ride 3 laps (15.6km).  A route map and elevation map is below. We also have a video.


Please note that part of the course is on a road that might have some traffic. We will take precautions to make the race as safe as possible.




2c. Cyclocross (CX) at Ansan Lake Park

Cyclocross will be several laps on a 1.5 km course. The cyclocross course is below. There is also photos of the starting location and obstacles below.

CX Schedule on 8 August:
14:00-15:00 Check-in/registration of riders, open practice
15:00-16:00 CX Standard
16:15-17:15 CX Unlimited
17:30 Award ceremony for the overall winners (no age groups)

If you have any question, please email unicon19.info@gmail.com.


The Unicon 19 Organization